M707 10" Flat Corbel

M707 10" Flat Corbel
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This flat design will give you many options for use. Individually hand carved by the worlds most respected and acclaimed wood carvers and finishers. This unique Maple corbel has incredible detail and a much higher quality than what other groups are selling. We use only the highest grade maple material in our products and everything we produce is of a much higher quality than the competitions........... There is No cheap rubberwood, teekwood, basswood, or any other imitation woods are used in our plant. This corbel has been meticulously carved and has a great amount of carving detail even to the point of showing the rough chisel marks and shallow reveals developed, so each will have it's own character and originality. All of our corbels are ready for painting, staining, fauxing, glazing or whichever way you wish to finish. Each piece has recessed, flush metal mounting brackets built into the back of the corbel for easy installation and comes shrink wrapped in plastic to protect its beauty.
10"H x 5"W x 2"D

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